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What is Hypnotherapy?

It may be easier to start what Hypnotherapy is not:

• It is not a loss of consciousness but rather a change in awareness as when we become immersed in a good book or some enjoyable pursuit.

• It is not being controlled by another as stage hypnosis may imply. In therapeutic hypnosis, the client is always in control and can end the hypnotic session anytime he/she wants.

• It cannot be used to make anyone do anything that they would not morally or ethically do at any other time.

100% Safe

Hypnotherapy is completely safe and can be used to treat a major array of problems.

Our Hypnotherapist

Anthony Wilson has over 25 years of experience and is the registered representative for the Hypnotherapy South Wales region.


Here at Anthony Wilson Hypnotherapy we believe in your complete confidentiality.

What does Hypnosis feel like?

It is the relaxed feeling we get just before falling asleep at night or just as we awaken in the morning.

 Have you ever dozed off whilst listening to the television or radio, and been half aware of what is being said but been too comfortable to take much notice?

 Therapeutic hypnosis is used to enable the client to achieve harmony in mind, body and spirit.

What can Hypnotherapy help?

What can Hypnotherapy help with you may be thinking? Well Hypnotherapy can assist in achieving some amazing results whether that be for underlying issues, concerns, childhood trauma or weight loss.

Hypnotherapy has also been documented to be a fantastic tool to battle addictions such as smoking and even weight loss in South Wales.

Anthony Wilson Hypnotherapy is even registered as a Hypnoband therapist and has seen some superb rates of success through his quarter of a century worth of experience.

What to expect from

Anthony Wilson Hypnotherapy

Keep Strict Confidentiality

We take the greatest care, consideration and attention of your problem whilst using our Hypnotherapy, relaxation skills and/or counselling services.

When Treatment Starts We Will:

  • Inform you of the percentage chance of total success (usually above 85%)
  • The cost per session
  • The construction of your course
  • Personalised audio CD’s for most sessions for your home use plus necessary forms to monitor your success
  • The skill of self-hypnosis to use for the remainder of your life
  • A personal helpline
  • Details of our credentials, insurance, and code of conduct to which we adhere under H.A. rules – hypnotherapy and/or counselling to national standards

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