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Anthony has been within Hypnotherapy for over quarter of a Century. Anthony qualified as a stress management consultant and a hypnotherapist after 2 years study based in Derby where he obtained a fellowship status. Following this Anthony took Three years of counselling study at Swansea College under the aegis of Newport University and the B.A.C rules.

Over 25 Years Experience

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Expert Hypnotherapist across South Wales

An expert hypnotherapist for hypnotherapy in Carmarthen, hypnotherapy in Swansea, hypnotherapy in Pembrokshire and the whole of South Wales area.

Following several traumas in his life and being a single parent to two children, he is well placed to offer extended empathy and understanding of clients’ problems.

 He has treated thousands of clients from 3-94 years of age and particularly enjoys working with most common phobias and childhood problems.

His enthusiasm for helping thousands of clients to turn their lives around is compelling and obvious to witness.

 Anthony is an avid walker and has a great love of Nature. He advocates regular exercise to all his clients and embraces long walks in the beautiful Welsh countryside as a member of the Ramblers. He also practices Yoga weekly.

Anthony Wilson

Voted Among Top 10 in Britain

Anthony Wilson is the South Wales regional contact for the Hypnotherapy Association and in was voted among the top 10 Hypnotherapists in Britain by the Independent and the Hypnotherapy Association.

Most sessions undertaken are recorded for a client’s home use in between sessions.

One to one consultations are the norm although Anthony is happy if clients wish to bring a friend or relation into the hypnotherapy consulting rooms for support.

 In a radio broadcast, Anthony said that although he was professionally trained as a non-judgemental practitioner, he is proud of his extended empathy and compassion to every client he works with.

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